Webinar – Lessons from country adaptions of “Reach Up” due to COVID-19

July 19, 2023

We hosted a webinar “Evaluating the adapted “Reach Up” responses to the COVID-19 pandemic:  Lessons from country adaptations” on Wednesday July 19, 2023 from 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Eastern time.

The webinar was held online and featured lessons from the evaluation of various remote or limited contact interventions adopted from Reach Up, during the COVID-19 pandemic.  These include adaptations from Bangladesh (an International Rescue Committee-led initiative), Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil,  Jamaica and Guatemala.

The presenters were as follows:

  •  Promoting child stimulation through phone messages: A randomized evaluation in Guatemala – Dr. Julieta Trias (Snr. Economist, Social Protection and Jobs, Latin America Region, World Bank Group) and Dr. Irma Arteaga (Associate Professor of Public Policy, Truman School of Government and Public Affairs, University of Missouri)
  • Hybrid Delivery of ECD Services during the Pandemic in LAC: Lessons learnt – Dr. Marta Rubio Codina (Senior Economist, Child Development Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank)
  • Gindegi Goron: Reaching Rohingya refugee caregivers during COVID-19 – Katelin Wilton (Technical Adviser, Early Childhood Development, International Rescue Committee)
  • Evaluating remote response via telephone calls in Jamaica – Dr Joanne Smith (Lecturer, Caribbean Institute for Health Research, The University of the West Indies)