The Package

The programme provides a comprehensive training package for trainers, supervisors and home visitors. It has been integrated with health, nutrition and social protection programmes in 15 countries.

Comprehensive training

Nurturing care in early childhood development requires responsive interactions and opportunities to learn. There are few large-scale programmes in low- and middle-income countries that support caregivers’ abilities to provide responsive care and activities that help children learn. The Reach Up intervention is a suitable approach to address this gap.

The programme provides a comprehensive training package for trainers, supervisors, and home visitors. Based on the Jamaica Home Visit intervention which has substantial impact evidence, Reach Up has been used in several countries where it has provided evidence of its feasibility and lessons that can guide future implementation.

PAckage Focus


Provide an evidence-based parenting programme as an essential investment for life course development.


Facilitate a parenting programme that is culturally relevant.


Deliver a comprehensive set of materials to support caregivers in providing a more stimulating environment for their children, improving quality interaction and facilitating learning.

PAckage Material

Adaptation and Preparation Manual Weekly and/or Fortnightly Curricula for 0 – 48 months old Training Manual – with demonstration videos Supervision Manual and checklist Toy Making Manual
Note that access to the Reach Up programme’s resources will require registration and approval.
Click the icon to download our new Parent Manual that has been produced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is written to be used directly by parents.

Sample Material

PAckage Videos

Filming for our training videos were done in Jamaica, Peru, and Bangladesh. Three 15-minute films (one in each country) demonstrate key steps in a home visit. There are also 28 short films, of approximately 2-3 minutes, that show how the methods are used. The films are available in English, Spanish, French and Bengali. Additional translations have been done by some implementing partners (e.g. in Portuguese, Mandarin).

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