Knowledge goods to support ongoing and planned Reach Up implementations

Welcome to our portal

Welcome to the Reach Up: Early Childhood Parenting intervention knowledge products portal. These resources include several communication, advocacy and capacity building documents, that are made available to programme managers to aid in scaling their existing programmes and to prospective implementers who are interested in implementing the programme in a new setting. The programme provides a comprehensive training package for trainers, supervisors, and home visitors. Based on the Jamaica Home Visit intervention which has substantial impact evidence, Reach Up has been used in several countries where it has provided evidence of its feasibility and lessons that can guide future implementation.

Global Collaboration

The knowledge goods were developed in collaboration with members of the Reach Up Global Community which was formed following a 3-day Knowledge Exchange Meeting in October 2019, with the support of LEGO Foundation. The meeting bought together academics and country representatives and programme implementers from the Reach Up sites in the various countries where the programme has been implemented (Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Madagascar, Peru, Syria, Turkey and Zimbabwe).

Representatives from LEGO and other international agencies involved in early childhood development, such as the World Bank Group, Child Fund and Inter-American Development Bank, were also present at the meeting.

Access to materials

The materials are freely accessible by clicking on the links, however their use is subject to a Creative Commons License –

The portal provides access to advocacy and communication materials including:

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and slide bank (structured presentation and additional slides that can be used to support conversations with target audiences such as governments, funders and NGOs),

Reach Up marketing video (a short film on the genesis of the intervention)

Reach Up Brochure and Policy sheet which provide brief overview of the intervention.

Read about the Reach Up Theory, principles and key content and key content  written by Sally Grantham-McGregor, Susan M Chang, Joanne A Smith, Erika Dunkelberg, Marta Rubio-Codina and Susan P Walker.

Other Documents

Other documents relevant for adaptation and planning of the intervention and capacity building include:


access to research articles

Several research articles have been published on the Jamaica Home Visiting (JHV) program and Reach Up.  These include the  on the origins, contents, implementation and adaptation, qualitative assessments/analysis (Brazil, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria), comparative analysis (Jamaica, China) and randomized control trials in the various countries/sites that the programs have been implemented (Jamaica, Bangladesh, Colombia, Peru, India, China, Zimbabwe).  A  list of the articles can be found at